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My interest in photography began when I was a teenager, and for a few years after college I worked as a fashion photographer. As a still photographer, you only have a single frame to capture a moment. I began exploring cinematography when I found myself thinking more about the moments that happen in the spaces and time between the still frames. To improve my craft, I studied in the Cinematography Program at the American Film Institute's (AFI) Conservatory and received my Masters of Fine Arts from AFI in 1999.


My most recent features include LOOKING UP, ANIMAL WORLD, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X, and DEVIL+ANGEL. I’ve also shot numerous music videos and commercials with directors such as Mark Webb, Maren Hwang and Wayne Peng, and I have worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Cold, Master P, Lil Jon, and Toby Mac. My commercial work includes brands such as L’Oréal, Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Panasonic, Asus, Lego, and McDonald’s.


I’m fluent in both English and Mandarin and enjoy the challenge of working in different locations around the world. I’ve worked in the US, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, South Africa, and China. I’m a member of IATSE Local 600.

Awards & Nominations:

Best Cinematography, Hoboken International Film Festival 2011: 


BET Movie of the Year Nomination: 


Dove Award Music Video of The Year “Irene” Toby Mac 


Animal World

“Max Da-Yung Wang’s lighting bestows a fantasy feeling over the sets and explodes into toxic colors with the special effects.”  -The Hollywood Reporter  


“Han Yan’s determinedly stylistic approach and the impressive work of cinematographer Max Da-Yung Wang help sell this potent package of pure adrenaline.”  

The Devotion of Suspect X

“Craft contributions, from Max Da-Yung Wang’s moodily prowling camerawork to Michiru Oshima’s affectingly rueful score, are well-attuned to the small-town atmosphere.”   


The Girl from the Naked Eye

“The technical credits are sound, particularly cinematographer Max Da-Yung Wang’s sinister scopings.”  -The Hollywood Reporter


“The Girl from the Naked Eye" opens with a lurid cover from an old pulp detective magazine, and that's the look it achieves…it looks terrific…It was a pleasure to watch...The movie seems destined for DVD, but it makes a stop this week at three theaters, and would benefit by being seen on a big screen.” -Roger Ebert

US +1 310 628 3648

CH +86 1371 888 6659   



Underwater Cinematography   


1997-1999   MFA Cinematography   AFI 

1989-1992   BS Graphic Arts             CCU




LOOKING UP orange image Chao Deng Baimei Yu

ANIMAL WORLD enlight pictures Yan Han

THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X enlight pictures Alec Su

DEVIL + ANGEL orange image Chao Deng  Baimei Yu

WHAT WOMEN WANT bona china Daming Chen

BULL BROTHERS red forest film Jonathan Lim

motion capture animation


BU BU ZHUI HUN 3D shanghai film CHENG GIAN

BALLISTIC blue sky production Lawrence Lau

THE GIRL FROM NAKED EYE Lifted production David Ren

EXIT No. 6 jump boy film Yu-Hsien Lin

BOSS’N UP snoopadelic  film Dylan C. Brown

BET Best Movie of the Year Nom.

FIST OF THE WARRIOR genone film Wayne Kennedy

KILLERS 2 the asylum David Michael Latt

COMMERCIAL   selected

L'Oréal romance studio Maren Hwang

Lego new life film Nancy Guo

Mercedes triangle production Kuo-An Lai

Panasonic a new life film Nelson Cho

McDonald bright light film Chin-Yen Yee

Red Bull Parkour mic film Patrick Van Hautem

ZDF october film Rosa Peng

MSN october film Stanley & Ezra

Zenergy dna Christopher Halmo

Alpine radical film Tsutomu Shimada

Creative DAP a new life film Wayne Peng

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